Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fighting Back, School Daze, -and- The Kids Are Alright

In the News Today
  • Fighting Back - Three teens try to rob 65-year-old-man; he shoots two, kills one
  • School Daze - student tries to cut class by swimming across half-frozen pond
  • The Kids Are Alright - Teen grabs wheel, saves school bus as driver has heart attack

    Technology in the News Today
  • Startup Nivio Offers Virtual Windows Desktop to Tablets, Phones
  • Netflix Rebounds But Amazon, HBO Remain a Threat
  • Megaupload Founder Denied Bail Over Flight Risk

    Born on this Day in History: January 26, 1955 - Eddie Van Halen formed the band Van Halen in 1974. His quick-fingered guitar riffs and singer David Lee Roth's onstage antics caught the eye of Kiss guitarist Gene Simmons in 1977.

    On this Day in History: January 26, 1998 - Residents of the Japanese town of Ito are attacked by a pack of raving wild monkeys. A total of 26 were injured and had to receive rabies shots. It remains unclear why the monkeys chose to attack.

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