Monday, April 18, 2011

Animal Kingdom, To Protect and Serve, -and- Bad Girls

In the News Today

  • Animal Kingdom - woman freed from pet python, ticketed
  • To Protect and Serve - 400 New York police officers could face charges in ticket-fixing scheme
  • Bad Girls - 12-year-old girl charged with armed robbery

    Technology in the News Today

  • Angry Birds Seasons gets Easter update
  • MIcrosoft opens Office 365 Beta to all
  • Hacker vigilante gets 24 months for DDoS attacks

    On this Day in History
    April 18, 1906 - A devastating earthquake strikes San Francisco at 5:13 a.m., followed by a major aftershock three hours later. More than 3,000 people are killed from either collapsing structures or any of the 59 separate fires which burn over the next three days. In the downtown area, the U.S. Army is forced to dynamite whole city blocks in order to contain the flames, due to the lack of water pressure.

    Born on this Day in History
    April 18, 1963 - Conan O'Brien (1963 - ) Born in Brookline, Massachusetts, comedian Conan O'Brien began his career as a writer for "Saturday Night Live" (1988-91) and "The Simpsons" (1992-93). In 1993, he became the host of NBC's "Late Night," where his edgy humor earned him a legion of young fans. In 2009, he was chosen as Jay Leno's replacement for the coveted role of "Tonight Show" host.

    Scripture of the Day

    Video of the Day
    - submitted by Danica

    Imagine my surprise when I encountered this scene at Walmart while journeying to my office this morning! Click to enlarge.

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