Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bang!, Stupid Criminals -and- Eek!

Bang! - man charged with firearms offenses after shooting himself
Stupid Criminals - teen arrested breaking into police station
Eek! - scientists create life from mouse frozen for 16 years

On this day in history: November 4, 1993 - A series of fires rage in Southern California, destroying 300 very expensive homes in Malibu and 700 homes scattered elsewhere. Damage totals $500M to $1B. Half of the large fires were arson.

Born on this day in history: November 4, 1969 - Matthew McConaughey (1969-)Born on November 4, 1969, actor Matthew McConaughey grew up in the small Texas town of Uvalde. Known for his good looks and easy-going personality, McConaughey soon achieved leading man status with "A Time to Kill" (1996). Sometimes compared to Paul Newman, McConaughey has received praise for his on-screen charisma.

Scripture of the Day: Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death. — Proverbs 11:4

Video of the Day: By the Way, I'm Voting for McCain/Palin

He needs help! Click to enlarge.

VOTE! Be certain to vote!

  • If you are a Republican, vote today!

  • If you are a Democrat, vote tomorrow!

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