Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Armed Citizen, Tax Dollars at Work, -and- Honesty

The Armed Citizen - Florida passes "take your gun to work" law
Tax Dollars at Work - federal credit cards misused
Honesty - man finds $140,000, turns in to police

On this day in history: April 10, 2003 - FBI agents raid the Noonday, Texas home of avowed white supremacist William Joseph Krar. Upon searching the domicile and some rented storage units, the agents turn up an arsenal including briefcase bombs with remote-controlled detonators, full-auto machine guns, silencers, nearly 500,000 rounds of ammunition, a 1953 military land mine, more than 800 grams of sodium cyanide, and a copy of The Turner Diaries. Krar later receives 11 years for possession of a dangerous chemical weapon.

Born on this day in history: April 10, 1984 - Mandy Moore (1984-) Born Amanda Leigh Moore in Nashua, NH, raised in Orlando, FL, singer and actor Mandy Moore had a big hit in 1999, "Candy," followed by album "I Wanna Be With You" (2002). Moore has parlayed music success into an acting career.

Scripture of the Day: This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. - 1 John 4:10/

Video of the Day: How to Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock - submitted by Amber

"I Am Legend" [A terrible virus has spread across the planet and turned the human race into bloodthirsty monsters. Mankind's only hope for survival is scientist Robert Neville (Will Smith), the one person left unaffected by the epidemic. When he's not fighting for his life against the hordes of the infected, Neville searches for a cure to reverse the virus's effects—all the while battling his own doubt and despair as he spends every day alone.] will arrive in Blu-ray format from Netflix today. We shall view it with one of my brothers, following dinner on Saturday. We are all eager to see this movie. The preview (viewed via Netflix) looks very good. The special effects are supposed to be excellent. For dinner, I shall make shrimp and fettuccine with Alfredo sauce and garlic bread.