Monday, July 09, 2007

Stupid Criminal, Waste Not, -and- All Dried Up

Stupid Criminal - bank robber disguises himself as tree
Waste Not - "green" light bulbs pack toxic ingredient
All Dried Up - woman arrested for not watering lawn

On this day in history: July 9, 1997 - Attempting to spring him from the Arizona state prison at Florence, Rebecca Thornton meets her husband Floyd at the perimeter fence with a rifle. There the escape plan goes haywire, and Rebecca shoots her death-row husband after he instructs her: "Shoot me! I'm sorry things went wrong. Shoot me! Shoot me!" Then they are both gunned down by the guards.

Born on this day in history: July 9, 1908 - Paul Brown (1908 - 1991) football coach He is a NFL hall of famer who, as a coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, was known for calling plays from the sidelines.

Today's Video: The Zimmers Backstage at Graham Norton - submitted by Jeffrey

It was hot over the weekend, and this heat wave is forecast to continue through Wednesday—when the temperature is expected to drop below 100 degrees for the first time in several days.

We visited with my mother Saturday. Laura made shrimp wraps with large tortillas, medium shrimp, diced Jalapeños, slivered red onion, slivered tomato, julienned butter lettuce, minced garlic, mayonnaise, and curry powder. They were wonderful.

We journeyed to Chico in Mr. Nitro. Mr. Nitro recorded the best highway fuel economy to date: 22.1 MPG.

Sunday—following service at Harvest Christian Center—I made a pot of beans. I stewed the bone from a large spiral-cut ham in two bottles of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot ale for two hours. I took the bone from the pot, removed all the meat, returned the meat to the pot, and added a sliced red onion, a sliced white onion, a head of garlic (peeled, whole cloves), five stalks of celery (sliced), sea salt, ground black pepper, and cumin. Laura added three tablespoons of brown sugar and tended the pot for two hours—at which time she added four cans of white beans (drained), stirred, and turned the burner to low. It was a delightful meal.