Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ya Gotta Take Her Out, Achtung!, -and- Bang!

Ya Gotta Take Her Out - 7-Eleven pulls Cocaine
Achtung! - Germany drags homeschool kids to class
Bang! - jailer fired for shooting inmate with toy gun

On this day in history: October 25, 1991 - On the way back from a Huey Lewis concert, rock promoter Bill Graham is killed when his helicopter hits high-voltage power lines in Vallejo, California.

Born on this day in history: October 25, 1881 - Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973) painter, sculptor He was a seminal modern artist who, with Braque, founded the Cubist movement, e.g., "Guernica," 1937.

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Years of overfishing have left so few red snapper that almost none reach full maturity, scientists say. To avoid eliminating the highly sought-after species, federal regulators said Monday they plan to cut the numbers of red snapper that may be caught by almost 30 percent next year. Red snapper are highly popular in the seafood industry for their delicate flavor and among anglers for their aggressive behavior.

Laura and I shall be enjoying sautéed red snapper fillets for dinner this evening. The meal was planned prior to the publication of this news article.