Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oops!, You've Got Mail, -and- Legend

Oops! - daughter sues parents over fall in driveway
You've Got Mail - lawyer steals inheritance, loses it in email scam
Legend - Bigfoot researcher sues over keepsakes

On this day in history: July 20, 1994 - O.J. Simpson offers a $500,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the "real killers." To this day, progress remains elusive, although Simpson's golf score has improved somewhat.

We watched "Umney's Last Case" last evening. [Starring William H. Macy, Jacqueline McKenzie; Teleplay by April Smith; based on the short story by Stephen King; directed by Rob Bowman. After the death of his son, writer Sam Landry (Macy) is so desperate to lead another life, he writes himself into his own book, forcing his long-time character (also played by Macy) to change places with him and live in the modern day. But things get deadly when Landry realizes Umney is trapped and cannot write himself out of his new reality.] This was a fast-paced, inventive, and entertaining tale. Macy's performances were excellent.

We then watched "The End of the Whole Mess." [Starring Ron Livingston, Henry Thomas; Teleplay by Lawrence D. Cohen; based on the short story by Stephen King; directed by Mikael Salomon. The world had changed. Violence, war and hatred have been replaced with kindness, peace and love. But at what price? Renowned filmmaker Howie Fornoy (Livingston), with just one hour to live, recounts the details of his brother's (Thomas) worldwide experiment gone terribly wrong.] The early part of this tale was entertaining, but it soon became boring and highly unrealistic.

I must admit that all attempts to create a suitable caption for this photograph failed miserably. Click to enlarge.