Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Robot, Going Ape, -and- Halt!

I Robot - "bionic man" can control robotic arm with his mind
Going Ape - Tarzan's son in fight over dad's loincloth
Halt! - bridge trolls caught by cops

On this day in history: July 13, 1946 - Cheech Marin's birthday. He's actually (gasp) Iranian, and his name is Richard.

We watched "Battleground" last evening on TNT. - Starring William Hurt. Teleplay by Richard Christian Matheson, based on the short story by Stephen King, directed by Brian Henson. Jason Renshaw (Hurt), a professional hit man, successfully murders the CEO of a prestigious toy company, only to face the biggest fight of his life when a package from the toy company is delivered to his house with surprising, deadly contents. - This was an excellent show! It managed to maintain an atmosphere of excitement without any dialogue. It was shown without commercial interruption.

The second show in the series, "Crouch End," - Starring Eion Bailey, Claire Forlani. Teleplay by Kim LeMasters, based on the Short Story by Stephen King, directed by Mark Haber. A newlywed American couple (Bailey and Forlani) honeymooning in London goes to Crouch End to have dinner with a friend. They soon learn the town is not what it appears to be, and the more they get lost, the more they become trapped in another dimension. - was mildly entertaining, contained altogether too much dialogue, and had too many commercial interruptions.

According to internal documents, Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest retailer and leading destination for shoplifting, will no longer prosecute first-time thieves unless they are between 18 and 65 and steal merchandise worth at least $25. Wal-Mart said the change would allow it to focus on theft by professional shoplifters and its own employees, who together steal the bulk of merchandise from the chain every year, rather than the teenager who occasionally takes a candy bar from the checkout counter. I am extremely concerned that this new policy sends the wrong message and is an open invitation to shoplift!

I received an error message this morning I had not previously seen. Has anyone received this error message?