Friday, July 14, 2006

No Pain No Gain, You Don't Know Jack, -and- Unlicensed to Drive

No Pain No Gain - coaches accused of using screws to torture gymnasts
You Don't Know Jack - notes in margin of book identify Ripper's identity
Unlicensed to Drive - police dog puts vehicle into gear, runs down woman

On this day in history: July 14, 1881 - In the Sumner, New Mexico home of his friend Pete Maxwell, notorious outlaw Billy the Kid steps into a darkened bedroom and is shot dead by sheriff Pat Garrett. Billy's last words are, "¿Quién es?" (Who is it?)

Many Canadians may soon have to travel no further than their neighborhood pharmacy to treat what ails them, and critics are up in arms over changes they say will turn pharmacists into pill-pushing entrepreneurs intent on over-medicating the population.
A growing number of Canadian pharmacists want the power to prescribe drugs without a doctor's consent. The controversy erupted recently when Alberta declared it was moving forward with a plan to let pharmacists independently prescribe most medications. Earlier this month, New Brunswick pharmacists announced they want the powers as a way to improve service to residents.

Microsoft has increased security and authenticity verification for new Windows XP Professional installations. Click to enlarge.