Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bigger Is Better, Ssssss!, -and- Lovin' It

Bigger Is Better - 103-inch plasma screen to go on sale in September
Ssssss! - snake in mailbox leads to charges
Lovin' It - couple win lottery, keep flipping burgers

On this day in history: July 19, 1692 - Five Salem witches are hanged for the crime of witchcraft, based primarily on the accusations of little girls who were bewitched. Eventually, the village executes a total of 20 witches.

Next week's big online gambling conference in Las Vegas may turn out to be a washout as a number of individuals invited are thinking of cancelling their trip in the wake of the indictments of senior directors at BetonSports. The annual conference, organized by, is a must-go event for industry executives, but the arrest of the BetonSports chief executive, David Carruthers, and other senior directors on entry to the US has made people think twice about attending.

I decided to get serious about hog hunting and had a special vehicle built for this purpose. Click to enlarge.

The hunt was a great success! Click to enlarge.