Monday, July 10, 2006

Burn Baby Burn, Somebody's Watching You, -and- Speak No Evil

Burn Baby Burn! - blazing laptops leave Dell with image woes
Somebody's Watching You - FBI plans new Net-tapping push
Speak No Evil - man makes monkey noises following police chase

On this day in history: July 10, 1923 - Hailstones as heavy as two pounds kill 23 people in Rostov, Russia.

It was hot yesterday and is forecast to be hot again today. It was already 84 degrees when I arrived at my office at 8:15 AM this morning! Despite the incredible heat, Laura managed to grill a large London broil, Jalapeños, yellow squash, red onion, and white mushrooms. She braved the nearly unbearable heat and tended the grill, producing a delightful meal.

We watched "Apocalypse" - (1998) Bronson (Richard Nester) and Helen (Leigh Lewis) are journalists reporting on the beginning of a war in the Middle East. But right in front of their eyes, something unexpected happens: Millions of people disappear without a trace. When a new and enigmatic leader appears at the head of the European Union, performing miracles and claiming to be God, the couple find themselves wrapped in a mystery of biblical proportions. - The message was good, and the movie was entertaining, despite being a very low-budget, shot-on-video production.

We watched "Hope Ranch" - (2002) J.T. Hope (Bruce Boxleitner) is a former cop who owns a farm where he hopes to mend the broken lives of teens whose run-ins with the law have labeled them hopeless criminals. Drug dealer Keith Frazier (Brian Gross) proves to be the most defiant, even with the help of Hope's forthright team of Colt (Lorenzo Lamas) and Shorty (Barry Corbin). The boys meet the 12-hour days with resistance, but are eventually grateful for the second chance. - This movie was excellent--a well-acted, well-produced, highly entertaining production that I highly recommend.