Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sushi on a Sunny Sunday

I enjoyed an extra hour of sleep this morning, having remembered to set (at least a few of) the clocks back an hour last evening. This morning was a beautiful, warm, sunny morning that became a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

Following a spirit-filled church service at Harvest Christian Center, we shopped at Safeway. We lounged earlier and attended the late service, we were famished, and the sushi offering in the deli section called out to us.

Following the storage of our purchases, we enjoyed some ebi, California rolls, pickled ginger, soy sauce, wasabi, and California Chardonnay. The warmth provided by the sun and the gentle breeze provided by the open doors increased the pleasure of the dining.

We put a spicy dry rub on some beautiful top sirlion steaks and a marinade on some giant shrimp yesterday, and they will be going on the grill in a few minutes, along with some ears of corn. A penne salad with pesto dressing will accompany this, along with some California Merlot. Choosing a movie will follow this feast. We have a fairly large selection of DVDs we have not previously watched from which to choose.

Later: Dinner was excellent. Laura grilled, while I kept our twin male Bengal cats occupied. At one point, Zeus (my cat) became so focused upon escaping whever Laura opened the rear door to tend to the grill that it was necessary for me to lure him into the workout room with kitty treats and sequester him there until Laura completed the grilling. Thor (Laura's cat) was otherwise occupied--nibbling upon the napkins on the dining room table--until he recognized the sound of kitty treats exiting their container, at which time he quickly joined Zeus.

It has been a particularly glorious day. Hopefully, this beautiful weather will continue as predicted and provide an excellent evening for tomorrow's Harvest Festival.