Friday, October 28, 2005

Rain -and- Halloween

I awakened at 6 AM this morning to the sound of rain. It has been raining lightly all morning, although it is rather warm (68) and calm. This is the type of rain I prefer. The ground is able to absorb and use the water. The trees, flowers, and plants have the dust washed from their leaves. It is predicted that this afternoon will be warm and sunny. When this happens, everything will look clean and fresh, and the birds will sing.

This morning, a client brought her computer to my shop, saying that her daughter had been using it last evening when her anti-virus software detected but could not remove a worm. She asked me why I had Thanksgiving decorations in my store window, suggesting that Halloween decorations would be more appropriate at this time. I explained to her that Halloween is a festival that celebrates death and Satan and directed her to The History of Halloween. She was extremely interested and asked for the use of one of my high-speed wireless Internet systems so that she might read this article.

She read the article with great interest and thanked me for directing her to it. She said she intends to share it with her daughter this evening.

I recommend the article to anyone interested in learning about the history of Halloween.