Monday, August 06, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?, Is There a Doctor in the House?, -and- Look Up In the Sky!

In the News Today
  • Can You Hear Me Now? - Pressure grows on Twitter to curb abusive 'trolls'
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? - Smartphone apps now playing doctor
  • Look Up In the Sky! - Apple co-founder Wozniak sees trouble in the cloud

    Technology in the News Today
  • Infographic: IPv6 Requests Skyrocket, Verizon in the Lead
  • Carmack: Doom 4 to Support Head-Tracking VR Tech
  • Rare Zelda Game Sells for Record-Breaking $55,000 on eBay

    Born on this Day in History: August 6, 1917 - Robert Mitchum was one of the most memorable leading men of the twentieth century. After a youth spent as a vagrant and professional boxer, he found employment in the film industry as an extra in 1943. A legendary tough guy on and off-screen, Mitchum was associated with the post-war film noir thriller, his laconic, heavy-lidded manner was deceptively casual, disguising a potent screen presence.

    On this Day in History: August 6, 1945 - An American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, drops the world's first atom bomb, over the city of Hiroshima. Approximately 80,000 people are killed as a direct result of the blast, and another 35,000 are injured. At least another 60,000 would be dead by the end of the year from the effects of the fallout.

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