Monday, August 27, 2012

Car 54 Where Are You?, Surf's Down, -and- Johnny Mneumonic

In the News Today
  • Car 54 Where Are You? - Camden, N.J. to scrap police department amid budget woes
  • Surf's Down - FCC eyes tax on Internet service
  • Johnny Mneumonic - Scientists successfully "hack" brain to obtain private data

    Technology in the News Today
  • Google: Apple, Samsung Patents Don't Cover Core Android OS
  • Nexus 7 Goes on Sale in France, Germany, Spain
  • Dashlane Password Management App Comes to Android

    Born on this Day in History: August 27, 1890 - In 1915, Man Ray met French artist Marcel Duchamp, and together they collaborated on many inventions and formed the New York group of Dada artists. In 1921, Ray moved to Paris and became associated with the Parisian Dada and Surrealist circles of artists and writers. His experiments with photography included rediscovering how to make "camera-less" pictures, which he called rayographs.

    On this Day in History: August 27, 1883 - The most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history occurs on Krakatau (also called Krakatoa), a small, uninhabited volcanic island located west of Sumatra in Indonesia. Heard 3,000 miles away, the explosions threw five cubic miles of earth 50 miles into the air, created 120-foot tsunamis and killed 36,000 people.

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