Friday, August 31, 2012

Armed and Dangerous, Stupid Criminals, -and- To Serve and Protect

In the News Today
  • Armed and Dangerous - Man carrying AK-47 arrested in downtown Dallas
  • Stupid Criminals - Man complains to police of prostitute price hike
  • To Serve and Protect - Five LAPD officers under investigation in death of woman

    Technology in the News Today
  • Tokyo Court Rejects Apple Patent Claim Against Samsung
  • Google Adds Turn-by-Turn Bicycling Navigation to Maps Apps
  • How to Be a Well-Connected Republican

    Born on this Day in History: August 31, 1945 - In 1968, Van Morrison released Astral Weeks, an album of astonishing originality and inventiveness that stretched the frontier of rock music. In his follow-up record, Moondance, he deployed a snappy little rhythm-and-blues band behind tautly structured songs. Morrison has always seemed oblivious to public taste and reaction to him and continues to explore different modes of self-expression.

    On this Day in History: August 31, 1985 - Richard Ramirez, the notorious "Night Stalker," is captured and nearly killed by a mob in East Los Angeles, California, after being recognized from a photograph shown both on television and in newspapers. Recently identified as the serial killer, Ramirez was pulled from the enraged mob by police officers.

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