Friday, December 09, 2011

Blowin' in the Wind, Drive My Car, -and- Stupid Criminals

In the News Today
  • Blowin' in the Wind - Scotland shut down by icy 165-MPH blasts
  • Drive My Car - Las Vegas DMV clerk pleads guilty for taking bribes from illegals
  • Stupid Criminals - woman caught making meth inside South Tulsa Walmart

    Technology in the News Today
  • Broadcom Aims 802.11ac Gigabit Wireless at End of 2012
  • Google Goes After Flipboard With "Currents"
  • Another Victory for Motorola in German Patent Fight Against Apple

    Born on this Day in History: December 9, 1962 - Felicity Huffman was born December 9, 1962, in Bedford, New York. In 1988, she made her Broadway debut in Speed-the-Plow. After a string of guest appearances and small film parts, she took a job in "Sports Night" in 1998. After a recurring role on "Frasier," she landed a leading role in "Desperate Housewives." In 2005 she found success on the big screen in Transamerica.

    On this Day in History: December 9, 1999 - President Bill Clinton signs legislation outlawing "crush videos," which generally involve women stomping frogs, mice, or other small animals with high heels. This fetish is definitely a niche market.

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