Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mommie Dearest, The Kids Are Alright, -and- Hot and Cold

Mommie Dearest - mother teaches 12-year-old daughter to shoplift
The Kids Are Alright - Boy Scout earns 121 merit badges
Hot and Cold - Gore braves severe ice storm to testify on global warming

On this day in history: January 28, 1978 - "Vampire of Sacramento" Richard Chase is arrested. Miscellaneous human organs are found in his refrigerator. He managed to kill six people, drinking the blood of two of his victims.

Born on this day in history: January 28, 1968 - Sarah McLachlan (1968-) Born in Halifax, Canada, singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan had her debut album in 1988, gaining a following for her atmospheric folk-pop music. In 1993, her single "Possession" broke the Top 100. In 1997, McLachlan founded the successful Lilith Fair, an annual tour of women musicians.

Scripture of the Day: [Those who follow the LORD are firmly planted, healthy, and full of life.] Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away. - Psalm 1:4

Video of the Day: Bizarre Foods: Guinea Pig - submitted by Jay

How tequila works! Click to enlarge.

COLD! It was a mere 30° as I drove to my office at 7 AM this morning. Fortunately, there was no wind, and it was dry. Only a slight patina of ice encrusted Mr. Nitro's windshield this morning, and it was quickly and easily removed with a squirt and cycle of the wipers. It was so cold, however, that once Mr. Nitro got underway, the residual washer fluid instantaneously froze, and it was necessary to repeat the process several times during the grueling, five-block drive to my office.