Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stupid Criminals, Hic!, -and- Small Change

Stupid Criminals - shoplifter leaves 6-year-old daughter behind
Hic! - RI police arrest man with .491 blood alcohol level
Small Change - police arrest man accused of taking 42 cents from mall fountain

On this day in history: July 23, 1996 - Harry Morgan, Col. Potter on TV's M*A*S*H, is arraigned on charges of spousal abuse. LAPD officers responding to a 911 call at the couple's Brentwood, California home had discovered his wife Barbara bruised and bleeding from her face.

Born on this day in history: July 23, 1888 - Raymond Chandler (1888 - 1959)
Born in Chicago, Illinois, writer Raymond Chandler was educated in Europe, and served in the Canadian army in World War 1. Back in the U.S., he created distinctive crime fiction, including The Big Sleep (1939) and Farewell, My Lovely (1940). In later years, Chandler alternated living in California and London.

Scripture of the Day: "Prepare chains, because the land is full of bloodshed and the city is full of violence." - Ezekiel 7:23

Video of the Day: Hulk vs Batman - submitted by Cindy

Laura recieved a birthday cake from her employer. She brought home the list of cakes available from The Upper Crust—a high-end bakery in Chico—and asked for my opinion. I suggested the coconut cake. She agreed and ordered it. She brought it home yesterday, and we enjoyed some of it. It is indescribably delicious!

Laura's birthday is on the 31st of this month. We shall celebrate it this weekend. One of her favorite culinary delights is grilled giant prawns. I believe I shall make this on Saturday. She is particularly fond of the manner in which I prepare them: I remove the tails (the heads have been removed by the butcher) and halve giant prawns—leaving them in their shells. I grill them—shell-side down—over a medium flame—using a fish grate. As they grill, I slather them with a mixture of extra-virgin olive oil, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, lime juice, Tony Chachere's More Spice, and ground garlic. At the table, the meat pops easily from the shell and has the texture and flavor of lobster.

Next weekend, Laura shall depart for a vacation in Tucson, AZ, where she will visit her daughter, Rachel, son-in-law, David, and granddaughter, Parker. The cats and I shall be on our own. We may easily turn feral and run amok.