Thursday, May 29, 2008

Somebody's Watching You, The Naked Truth, -and- Mind Control

Somebody's Watching You - investigators raid German telcom in spy probe
The Naked Truth - nude woman crashes car into men looking for lost cat
Mind Control - monkeys control robot arm with thoughts

On this day in history: May 29, 1999 - Hikers discover the skeletal remains of Philip "Taylor" in his Ford Aerostar at the bottom of a 200-foot ravine in Malibu, California. The onetime bassist for the band Iron Butterfly had disappeared four years prior.

Born on this day in history: May 29, 1958 - Annette Bening (1959- )Actress, born May 5, 1958, in Topeka, Kansas, to A. Grant Bening, an insurance salesman, and Shirley Bening, a church singer. The youngest of four children, Bening has two brothers and one sister.

Scripture of the Day: Peter and the other apostles replied: "We must obey God rather than men!" - Acts 5:29

Video of the Day: Come on down to the Farm - submitted by Frank

Korean War film to be shot in Red Bluff A Sacramento State University philosophy professor and his brother are filming a documentary about the Korean War in Red Bluff. Michael Epperson and his brother, Christos, named the movie "Outpost Harry." The production crew is shooting the battle scenes in Red Bluff this summer. Initial funding of $200,000 for "Outpost Harry" came from the movie's executive producer, Mike Pagomenos. Another $400,000 has been contributed by Robert Baker, one of the battle's veterans. The battle being reenacted began June 10, 1953, when about 3,600 Chinese forces attacked the Korean hill held by about 100 American soldiers.