Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Send in the Clones, Eat Your Vegetables, -and- Somebody's Watching You

Send in the Clones - FDA says food from replicants safe
Eat Your Vegetables - PETA requests meat-free diet for cannibal
Somebody's Watching You - FCC asks Comcast about Internet filter

On this day in history: January 15, 1919 - In Boston, an immense storage tank alongside a rum distillery suddenly explodes, producing a flash flood of 2.3 million gallons of sticky molasses. Whole buildings are knocked off their foundations and reduced to rubble by an eight-foot wall of liquid traveling 35 miles per hour. 21 killed and 150 injured as a result of this industrial accident.

Born on this day in history: January 15, 1913 - Lloyd Bridges (1913-1998)Actor. Born Lloyd Vernet Bridges, Jr. in San Leandro, California. Bridges, who began his film career with B-grade movies for Columbia in the 1940s, starred in more than 150 films in his fifty year Hollywood career. After memorable roles in Home of the Brave and High Noon, Bridges career was interrupted when he was blacklisted by the FBI during Hollywood's infamous Red Purge. He rebounded with a starring role in the television series "Sea Hunt," which ran from 1958-61 and continued to star in films through the 1980s, including "East of Eden" and "Airplane." Of his four children, two, Jeff and Beau, also embarked on careers in Hollywood.

Scripture of the Day: To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. - Titus 1:15

Video of the Day: Office Fight - submitted by Frank

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ICE! Mr. Nitro was sheathed in ice this morning! Obviously, it became very cold during the night! It is clear, however, and there is no wind. The fog that plagued us yesterday morning is gone, and this promises to be a beautiful, sunny day.

Chuck Norris invites voters to Huckabee fundraiser
Visit ranch barbecue through Internet streaming - © 2008 WorldNetDaily.com

Martial arts champion and television and movie star Chuck Norris is inviting voters to see a fundraiser for GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on his Texas ranch.

When Chuck Norris endorsed Huckabee in his WND column, support for the former Arkansas governor rocketed by 50 percent within days. A few more days, and a report came out that the endorsement sparked a 66 percent hike in Internet posts about Huckabee. Even other GOP candidates have noted the Chuck Norris endorsement.

Now voters across the country are being invited to "attend" a fundraiser for Huckabee at WND columnist Chuck Norris' private ranch, via the Internet.

Norris will act as host to an old-fashioned Texas-style barbecue fundraiser for Huckabee Jan. 20 at Lone Wolf Ranch. Voters across the country can join them by logging to the Chuck 4 Huck website, and following a link to the Huckabee campaign site, where for a donation they will be given a password that provides live online access to the event.

Among the highlights will be a performance of Huckabee's rock band, Capitol Offense, as well as a martial arts demonstration, according to a spokesman for Chuck Norris.

The band, led by the bass-playing candidate, is an eight-man musical group formed in 1996. "Not your average garage band, they have been an opening act for musical headliners such as Willie Nelson and Grand Funk Railroad," Chuck Norris said.

"Mike Huckabee is a gifted leader and a man of the people and he will change politics in this country," Chuck Norris said in his announcement. "Given his unprecedented success in this primary season, he already has.

"But the job is not finished by a long shot. He still needs our help as well as our vote. That's why I am calling upon my friends and people in my community to joint me on Jan. 20 in support of 'The People's President' – Mike Huckabee," he said.

"I am tremendously honored and grateful for Chuck Norris' support – and I am pleased that we can provide an opportunity for the online community to join us via the Internet," Huckabee said during a campaign stop in Michigan.