Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Heat of the Moment, Cold Case File, -and- Inked

Heat of the Moment - Daytona Beach, Florida braces for snow
Cold Case File - FBI to re-examine D.B. Cooper skyjacking
Inked - men shoot themselves while tracing gun for tattoo design

On this day in history: January 2, 1995 - Marion Barry inaugurated as mayor of Washington, D.C., four years after leaving the office in disgrace to serve a six-month sentence for smoking crack.

Born on this day in history: January 2, 1969 - (1969-) Born in Walnut Creek, CA, model Christy Turlington got her start by chance when a photographer snapped a photo of her on horseback and it landed at a modeling agency. Today, she has appeared on more than 300 magazine covers and is best known for work for Calvin Klein and Georgio Armani. Turlington is married to actor-filmmaker Edward Burns and has two children.

Scripture of the Day: "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." (Psalm 90:12)

Video of the Day: Adaptability

Here is an available-light photograph taken with a Nikon D3 DSLR camera. I did not take this photograph. I wish I had taken this photograph! Click to enlarge.

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Well, good morning! Welcome to 2008! I hope this is a glorious year for everyone!

Cell Phone Distraction: I have long railed against people who talk on their cell phones while driving. I have seen several written reports and one television program which documented the findings regarding the distraction cell phones cause to those who use them while driving. I have personally experienced many instances of people using cell phones while driving and appearing to focus more on their conversations than their driving. I have had one near collision because of my proximity to a cell-phone-using driver.

I am pleased to see the new DMV regulations regarding cell-phone use while driving. I posted three threads in the Main forum today regarding this. HOWEVER, this afternoon I experienced a cell-phone user that easily out-distances all others I have encountered--IN THE MARKET! I use my cell phone perhaps once a month, and I turn it on only when I intend to make a call. It is difficult for me to imagine such a burning desire--let alone a NEED--to use a cell phone while driving, unless one is lost or late for an appointment, of course. I do not recall EVER using my cell phone in the market. I suppose it could prove helpful for asking a spouse's opinion regarding dinner plans, for example, but I have never used my cell phone in the market.

As I was shopping at Sav-Mor Foods shortly after 2 PM today, I rounded an aisle with my cart, saw a woman headed in my direction with her cart, and moved to the far right of the aisle so she would have room to pass. I saw that she was talking on her cell phone. She was absorbed in conversation and pushed her cart along, seemingly oblivious of the items shelved in that aisle. As she neared me, she suddenly began to fling her free hand about--gesticulating and cursing loudly into the cell phone. She reapplied her hand to the cart, pushed it ahead violently, swerved to her left, crashed solidly into my cart, and gave me a scowling glance! As if the collision were MY fault! She did not apologize. She simply swung her cart about, disentangling it from mine, and continued, still chatting on the cell phone.

"Excuse me," I said. She stared at me, obviously wondering why I was talking to her. She gave me a blank stare, and I continued, "What make, model, and color vehicle do you drive?" "Why?" she asked. "I wish to be ever-vigilant for this vehicle. I wish to ensure that I never occupy the same roadway as you. You have demonstrated your inability to successfully maneuver a shopping cart. I have no desire to fall victim to your lack of ability to maneuver a motor vehicle." She cursed at me. I continued, completing my shopping.

[While I slept] I drove to Harvest Christian Center at 8:15 AM. Laura had been there since 7:30 AM, rehearsing with the worship team. I sat in the seat adjacent to the seat where Laura had positioned her Bible and notebook. I took my HP iPAQ from my pocket and opened QuickVerse, in anticipation of using it during the service. I then opened Mah Jongg and played while listening to the worship rehearsal.

Suddenly, I was aware that it was no longer worship rehearsal. Worship had begun, and everyone was standing, except me. I returned my iPAQ to my pocket and stood. As worship was ending, a stranger to me appeared at the podium, placed a Bible on the podium, opened the Bible, and looked out into the audience. The stranger wore a dark, three-piece suit. The coat was much longer than that of a standard suit. It seemed in the tradition of coats favored by traditional evangelists of the early 1900s. The stranger gave a powerful sermon--the basis of which was the necessity for Christians to spread the Good News.

I awakened, thinking this to be an unusual dream. I forgot the dream, as I went about my morning. Laura left for her worship rehearsal. I showered and dressed and drove to the church.

I sat in the seat adjacent to where Laura had placed her Bible and notebook. I took my HP iPAQ from my pocket and opened QuickVerse. There was no time for game-playing. I placed the iPAQ back in my pocket. Pastor Nick opened the service. Worship followed. Pastor Rob came to the podium, without the wireless microphone he generally uses. Following an award to Matt, who is leaving to begin studies at a Christian college in Texas, a slide show of photographs of Matt began. During this slide show, I noticed a stranger in the front center row. He was wearing a wireless microphone. He was dressed in a dark, three-piece suit. The suit coat was long--like that worn by evangelists in the early 1900s.

Pastor Rob introduced the stranger as Rev. Bobby Nott and said that he had started Harvest Christian Center. Rev. Nott gave a very spirited sermon. He spoke of the necessity for Christians to disciple those who had not heard the Good News.