Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Satan Slept Here, Lost!, -and- The Kids Are Alright

Satan Slept Here - hotel replaces Bible with Gore's global-warming book
Lost! - lawyer sues dry cleaners for $67 million for losing trousers
The Kids Are Alright - 4-year-old saves mother by calling 911

On this day in history: May 2, 1957 - Mob figure Frank Costello is shot in the head by Vincent "the Chin" Gigante. Instead of killing him, the bullet circumnavigates between his skin and cranium, exiting through the original wound. Costello retires from the Mafia soon after.

Born on this day in history: May 2, 1903 - Benjamin Spock (1903 - 1998) physician, author. He was a major influence on modern U.S. child-rearing practices; "Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care," 1946 has sold millions of copies.

Today's Video: Chase Scene from "Bullit"

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Today's video is the chase scene from "Bullit." In my opinion, this is the greatest movie chase scene ever filmed. A friend and I were in San Francisco while the movie was being filmed. We had no idea what was taking place until we inquired why the street was blocked off and why such a crowd of people had gathered. We did not get to see much, other than a very brief glimpse of the Mustang chasing the Charger. We were excited to have accidentally happened upon this event, however, and eagerly awaited the release of the movie. At that time, I was a Ford enthusiast and had a 1966 Ford Mustang GT. Understandably, I cheered Steve McQueen as he chased the 1968 Dodge Charger with his 1968 Ford Mustang. In 1980, I became a Dodge enthusiast and have purchased only Dodge products since then. Understandably, I now cheer for the Dodge Charger—even though I am fully aware of the outcome of the chase!