Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris at Tent City?, Headache!, -and- How Ironic!

Paris at Tent City? - Sheriff Joe Arpaio offers lodging
Headache! - bullet in woman's head for 64 years
How Ironic! - guy named "Stoner" busted for growing pot

On this day in history: May 15, 1997 - Federal prosecutors in the Unabomber trial file the necessary paperwork requesting the death penalty for Ted Kaczynski.

Born on this day in history: May 15, 1894 - Katherine Anne Porter (1894 - 1980) novelist, short-story writer. She was a master stylist of texture and complexity of character delineation; won Pulitzer, 1966, for her only full length novel "Ship of Fools."

Today's Video: Gallop Around the Bay III - 150+ Mustangs! - submitted by Frank

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While on my way to the office this morning, I noticed this eye-catching plumber's truck. Click to enlarge.