Friday, June 03, 2011

It's Da Bomb!, Train Didn't Keep A-rollin', -and- They Know Not What They Do

In the News Today:
  • It's Da Bomb! - would-be Chilean terrorist accidentally blows himself up
  • Train Didn't Keep A-rollin' - train derails after thieves steal tracks
  • They Know Not What They Do - federal judge bans prayer at Texas graduation, threatens jail time for violators

    Technology in the News Today:
  • Adobe CEO: Apple Feud Over, Android Will Overtake iPad
  • Nine Questions About Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Will Work with Existing PCs

    On this Day in History:
    June 3, 1968 - Valerie Solanas, author of the SCUM Manifesto, arrives at the art studio of Andy Warhol and shoots him three times in the torso. Warhol barely survives the attempt on his life. Solanas is later jailed and institutionalized.

    Born on this Day in History: June 3, 1906 - Josephine Baker. Born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, MO, singer-dancer Josephine Baker debuted on Broadway in Shuffle Along (1921). In 1925, she appeared in an all-black act at the Folies Bergére and became an instant success. In the 1950s, Baker supported racial equality, and addressed crowds at the 1963 March on Washington.

    Scripture of the Day:

    Video of the Day:

    Embedding YouTube videos may soon be a crime! Because of current legislation that may soon criminalize embedding YouTube videos, I shall no longer be posting the Video of the Day here. You may read detailed coverage of this legislation HERE

    Imagine my surprise when I encountered this scene at Walmart while journeying to my office this morning! Click to enlarge.