Friday, September 07, 2007

Fighting Back, Fighting Back Too, -and- iSorry

Fighting Back - man chases, tackles suspected child molester
Fighting Back Too - vigilantes beat child molester
iSorry - Steve Jobs rues iPhone price cut

On this day in history: September 7, 1978 - Walking to the bus stop, BBC journalist Georgi Markov suddenly feels a sharp pain in his right calf. A KGB assassin had jabbed him with an umbrella tip, rigged to inject a tiny platinum sphere. The pellet is laden with ricin, a castor-based toxin with no known antidote. Markov dies in the hospital four agonizing days later.

Born on this day in history: September 7, 1930 - Sonny Rollins (1930 - ____) jazz musician. He was a tenor saxophonist who was among the finest improvisers on the instrument to appear since the mid-1950s.

Scripture of the Day: “We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.” (Colossians 1:28)

Video of the Day: Kitty Said What? - Morphing Kittens - submitted by Cindy

[While I slept] The Silver Machine - It is a warm summer evening. I am walking in a meadow. The moon is full and very bright, and all about me is shimmering moonlight. The grass is very tall and comes almost to my knees. I feel as though I have been walking for some time. I feel physically tired, yet I feel very anticipatory and excited.

I walk for several more minutes and come upon a fallen tree. It is a very large tree, and it blocks the path. I cannot climb over the tree, since it is so large, so I begin to walk around it. As I near the base of the tree, I see that it appears to be hollow. There is a large opening in the tree trunk, near the base.

Without consciously making the decision to do so, I climb into the hole. It is very spacious inside, and I find that I can move about freely. I walk for several minutes then suddenly realize that something is wrong, because the tree cannot possibly be as tall as it would need to be for me to have walked as far as I did.

It is very dark, and I cannot see anything but a very faint light, far off in the distance. I am very confused and decide to retrace my steps and leave the tree. When I am turning around, I step on something which causes me to lose my balance. I grasp at what I expect to be the inside of the tree and find that I am touching a rock wall.

I walk in the direction from which I came for several minutes. I reach the end of the tunnel and find myself at a large opening in a mountainside. I am high above the raging surf of a sea, and there is no visible descent from this spot. I am very confused. I turn around and walk back into the tunnel.

After several minutes of walking, I begin to see the light far ahead which I had seen previously. I realize that I must be approximately where I had been before turning back. I decide to rest here for a few minutes and consider my situation.

After resting for a few minutes, I rise and continue walking toward the light. I become aware of a faint, low-pitched humming sound. It appears to be increasing in loudness as I approach the source of the light.

The light is becoming very bright. I can clearly see the walls of the tunnel. The humming sound is so loud that the tunnel vibrates from the sound. I am very puzzled by this sound. I have never heard anything similar. I continue walking toward the light.

I suddenly find myself in a large cavern. There is a very large silver machine against the far wall of the cavern. This is apparently the source of the humming sound. I imagine it to be a power-generating device, judging from the many wire extending from it. There is a catwalk which runs around the top of the machine, some twenty or more feet above the cavern floor.

There is a procession of several dozen creatures on the catwalk. They look human in their posture and walk erect. Their heads are like the heads of bees, however, they wear no clothing, and their bodies are covered with multi-colored hairs.

There is an opening in the top of the silver machine, and as each bee creature in turn reaches this opening, it regurgitates voluminously into the opening and walks away. Whatever is in the systems of these bee creatures is evidently being used as a source of fuel by the silver machine.

Suddenly, I am discovered by several of the bee creatures, who look at me and point. A very large bee creature appears and grasps me and carries me into a small cavern and bars my escape with a huge boulder which he rolls up to the entrance of the cavern. It is cold and damp and dark in this cavern. There is little air, and I find it difficult to breathe. As the minutes pass, my breathing becomes more and more labored, and I lose consciousness.

I awaken, shivering, although it is a warm night.