Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What Is It?, Puppy Hate, -and- Scientists Gone Wild

What Is It? - NYC to make gender personal choice
Puppy Hate - man sentenced to 6 months for baking puppy in oven
Scientists Gone Wild - researchers to create human-cow embryo

On this day in history: November 7, 1872 - The cargo ship Mary Celeste sails from New York, never reaching Genoa. Four weeks later it is found completely abandoned, whereabouts of the ten man crew unknown.

Born on this day in history: November 7, 1918 - Billy Graham (1918 - ____) evangelist. He is known world-wide for his "Billy Graham Crusades,: wrote "The Seven Deadly Sins," 1955.

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I believe that Senator John Kerry's Halloween eve statement calling our military personnel ignorant, uneducated failures is further evidence of the Democrat Party's contemptuous loathing of our military men and women. I believe Kerry's statements are symptomatic of a deviant pathology that is emblematic of elitists. If Kerry were a man, he would admit what he said was exactly what he meant. And if elitist liberals were honest they would admit that they are in complete agreement with him. At that point, the cycle of their contempt for our military could be addressed reasonably. This will never happen, because they are the elite—which means that all but their ilk are uninformed and beneath them.

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