Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dip Suit, Take Him!, -and- Catch Me If You Can

Dip Suit - woman sues over amount of avocado in guacamole
Take Him! - online ad offers free five-year-old boy
Catch Me If You Can - police track reckless driver on YouTube

On this day in history: November 30, 1954 - At 1 pm, an 8.5 pound stone meteorite falls from the sky and strikes Elizabeth Hulitt Hodge from Sylacauga, Alabama. The housewife was seriously bruised but survived, although the meteorite destroyed her radio.

Born on this day in history: November 30, 1835 - Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) novelist, journalist, river pilot. The "Great American humorist" was also known as "The People's Author" and creator of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

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An acquaintance recently asked me whether I had seen "An Inconvenient Truth." I replied that I could not rationalize squandering 90 minutes of my time viewing a Sundance-quality science fiction film. The acquaintance replied (with a snort and a smirk), "It's not science fiction! It's science! It's the truth!" "The truth?" I replied. "To expect 'the truth' from someone who claims he created the Internet, was the inspiration for 'Love Story,' faced enemy fire in Vietnam, discovered the Love Canal, lives on a farm, had an uncle who was gassed in the Balkans during World War II, was the inspiration for Hubert Humphrey's 1968 Democratic convention speech, listened to his mother sing the 'union label' song to him as a child, and had the Presidency 'stolen' from him would require such a suspension of disbelief that accepting Tom Cruise's claim of being alien progeny would be a simple matter, by comparison!"

Quickly, before I was subjected to more raving, I continued, "Albert Einstein once said, 'Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.' Al Gore failed miserably as a Congressman, he failed miserably as a Vice-President, he failed miserably as a university professor, and he now aspires to be successful as a penguin and a scientist? Were it not for the fact that his lunacy is contagious and potentially dangerous, he could be dismissed as a stand-up comic!"

Al Gore's thirst for power would not have been slaked had he won the Presidency: Had he been elected, his insatiable power lust would have driven him to insist that Congress declare the United States a monarchy and name him King. This, of course, would become his final act of madness. Not even the most rabid liberal would move to impede his removal from office and confinement in a padded room, there to spend his remaining days, drooling uncontrollably and performing the Thorazine shuffle.

"It's obvious you haven't seen the movie, or you wouldn't talk such nonsense," was the only response the acquaintance could offer.

"I shall view this film and post a critique on my blog tomorrow. Be certain to read it!"