Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fight Club, Identity Crisis, -and- Woman Gone Wild

Fight Club - violent teen gatherings face police crackdown
Identity Crisis - waitress shown own ID when carding patron
Woman Gone Wild - wife pulls gun on pastor in church

On this day in history: August 1, 1966 - Former Eagle Scout and United States Marine Charles Whitman carries a sniper rifle onto University of Texas at Austin. There he climbs to the top of UT tower and begins firing indiscriminately at dozens of people, killing 13. Whitman is finally taken out 96 minutes later by three Austin PD officers.

Born on this day in history: August 1, 1942 - Jerry Garcia (1942 - 1995) musician, singer. He was the founder and lead guitarist of The Grateful Dead. "In the Dark" was one of the Top Ten Albums of all time.

After what seemed like an endless procession of nearly unbearably hot days, this current weather seems like a cold spell! It barely reached 90 degrees yesterday and is forecast to be even cooler today. It was a mere 74 degrees when I arrived at my office at 8 AM this morning.

We enjoyed a delightful salad for dinner last evening: Italian greens, white mushrooms, cucumbers, kidney beans, celery, Anaheim pepper, green bell pepper, roasted red bell pepper, roasted red onion, radishes, hard-boiled eggs, cluster tomatoes, and grilled London broil.

Laura is one of the teachers for Vacation Bible School at Harvest Christian Center, tonight through Friday. She is eager to work with a group of young children. She was up late last night, studying and preparing lessons. She will be working from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM each evening.

Dinner this evening will be turkey soup from last Thanksgiving.