Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't Call, Risky Business, -and- It's Him!

Don't Call - drivers who wreck while using cell phones face new charges
Risky Business - Paramount cuts ties with Tom Cruise
It's Him! - robber nabbed after taking same flight as victim

On this day in history: August 23, 1951 - Ninety West Point cadets are expelled for cheating, including most of the Academy's football team.

Born on this day in history: August 23, 1950 - Shelley Long (1950 - ____) actress. She played Diane Chambers on TV series "Cheers," 1982-87, winning an Emmy, 1983; films include "Outrageous Fortune," 1986.

I believe in these difficult and mean-spirited times in which we live there needs to be a message of hope: A single image that speaks to us of love, harmony, peace and joy—an image that suggests the universal brotherhood of man. I have found that image, and I ask that all of you take a moment to be inspired by it. Click to enlarge.