Monday, April 23, 2012

Got Gas?, Crime and Punishment, -and- Body Parts

In the News Today
  • Got Gas? - 7 treated for carbon monoxide leak at Arizona bagel shop
  • Crime and Punishment - Man charged with felony for stealing soda from McDonald's
  • Body Parts - Mother fired after donating kidney to her boss
    Technology in the News Today
  • NimbleTV to Offer Cloud-Based TV, DVR Anywhere
  • Skype for Windows Phone App Released
  • Google Grows Earth Day Doodle
    Born on this Day in History: April 23, 1936 - Born in Vernon, Texas, Roy Orbison formed his first band at age 13. The singer-songwriter dropped out of college to pursue music. He signed with Monument Records and recorded ballads like "Only the Lonely" and "It's Over."
    On this Day in History: April 23, 1985 - The Coca-Cola Bottling Company announces that it has irrevocably changed the formula for its flagship beverage, unveiling "New Coke." The company stands firm on its decision until public pressure finally forces them to reintroduce the original drink, exactly 79 days later.
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    Video of the Day - Submitted by Laura
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