Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Walking Tall, Once Bitten, -and- Armed and Dangerous

In the News Today
  • Walking Tall - World's tallest man stops growing after treatment
  • Once Bitten Losing coach bites ear of winning coach
  • Armed and Dangerous - Cops use taser twice on 9-year-old truant, chief of police resigns

    Technology in the News Today
  • Class-Action Suit Claims False Advertising for Apple's Siri
  • Report: Amazon Sells More Than 2 Million Kindle Singles
  • Kim Dotcom: Megaupload Users Include High-Ranking U.S. Officials

    Born on this Day in History: March 13, 1950 - William H. Macy made his film debut in Somewhere in Time (1980). In 1991, he had a leading role in Homicide, which earned him good reviews and raised his profile in Hollywood. His career got an even bigger boost when he joined the cast of ER in 1994. In 1996, Macy landed a memorable role in Fargo, and a slew of other high-profile films followed, winning Emmys and getting Oscar nods along the way.

    On this Day in History: March 13, 1881 - An anarchist from the radical group People's Will throws a bomb which disrupts Czar Alexander II's motorcade. He then throws a second bomb, causing injuries from which Alexander bleeds to death.

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