Monday, February 13, 2012

The Kids Are Alright, Dress for Success, -and- Ready Aim Fire!

In the News Today
  • The Kids Are Alright - Driver saves kids as bus bursts into flames
  • Dress for Success - Are Casual Fridays done for?
  • Ready Aim Fire! - YouTube Dad who shot daughter's laptop says he got visit from authorities

    Technology in the News Today
  • Chinese Authorities Seize iPads Over Trademark Dispute
  • Google Suspends New Prepaid Cards on Google Wallet
  • Microsoft's India Store Hit By Hackers

    Born on this Day in History: February 13, 1933 - Kim Novak was born in Chicago, Illinois. She made her screen debut in The French Line, then starred in The Pushover, and soon became a leading box-office attraction of the 1950s — perhaps the last of the "sex goddesses" produced by the Hollywood star system. Her films include The Man With The Golden Arm.

    On this Day in History: February 13, 1959 - The first Barbie Doll is introduced by Mattel in California.

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