Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catch and Release, Homeland Insecurity, -and- Don't Like

In the News Today
  • Catch and Release - Sex offender arrested for 169th time
  • Homeland Insecurity - TSA let 25 illegal aliens attend flight school owned by illegal alien
  • Don't Like - Washington state to become first to offer voter registration on Facebook

    Technology in the News Today
  • A Fifth of the World's Spam Dries Up as Grum Botnet Goes Down
  • Researcher: Jelly Bean the Most Secure Android Version Ever
  • YouTube Adds Face-Blurring Tool

    Born on this Day in History: July 19, 1860 - Lizzie Borden was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. Lizzie's world changed when her father remarried three years after the death of her mother. Lizzie and her sister started having difficulties with her father and stepmother over finances. On August 4, 1892 Lizzie claimed to have discovered the bodies of her father and stepmother beat to death. She was arrested, but acquitted of murder in 1893.

    On this Day in History: July 19, 1799 - On this day in 1799, during Napoleon Bonaparte's Egyptian campaign, a French soldier discovers a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing near the town of Rosetta, about 35 miles north of Alexandria. The irregularly shaped stone contained fragments of passages written in three different scripts: Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Egyptian demotic. The ancient Greek on the Rosetta Stone told archaeologists that it was inscribed by priests honoring the king of Egypt, Ptolemy V, in the second century B.C. More startlingly, the Greek passage announced that the three scripts were all of identical meaning. The artifact thus held the key to solving the riddle of hieroglyphics, a written language that had been "dead" for nearly 2,000 years.

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