Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Would You Look at That!, Let the Games Begin!, -and- To Protect and Serve

In the News Today:
  • Would You Look at That! - in pictures: top 10 new species
  • Let the Games Begin! - this video game was made in the 1940s
  • To Protect and Serve - cops scramble helicopters and tranquilizer teams to take down stuffed tiger

    Technology in the News Today:
  • Yahoo rolls out new email service
  • Single laser sets record shooting 26 terabits of data per second along its path
  • Sony Music Japan hacked through SQL injection flaw

    On this Day in History:
    May 24, 1964 - Fighting begins in the closing minutes of a match between Peru and Argentina, after a referee disallows a goal. 318 people are killed and 500 injured in Lima, Peru, making it the worst soccer riot in history.

    Born on this Day in History: May 24, 1941 - Bob Dylan (1941 - ) Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota, songwriter-singer Bob Dylan began performing in 1960s Greenwich Village coffeehouses. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963) established him as one of the most original and poetic voices of American pop. In 2008, Dylan was given an art award by the Pulitzer Prize committee for his contributions to music.

    Scripture of the Day:

    Video of the Day: - Submitted by Phillip

    Imagine my surprise when I encountered this scene at Walmart while journeying to my office this morning! Click to enlarge.