Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Going to Pot, Critters, -and- Cruel to Be Kind

Going to Pot - woman arrested for marijuana-filled Christmas card
Critters - 52 new species found in Borneo
Cruel to Be Kind - lethal injections outlawed in California

On this day in history: December 19, 1991 - Yankee's pitcher Steve Howe arrested for criminal possession of cocaine. It's merely one of NINE TIMES this has happened (and seven suspensions, plus one drunk driving arrest.)

Born on this day in history: December 19, 1910 - Jean Genet (1910 - 1986) dramatist, author. He transformed erotic material into poetic vision, e.g., "Our Lady of the Flowers," 1942 which was a cult classic.

Today's Video: Metal Storm - awesome 1,000,000-round-per-minute gun! Submitted by Phillip.

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